Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Confession . . .

As a hobby, I've written a few books over the years. I'm quite self-concsious about my work, so I haven't really ever told anyone. Caytee was helping clean the house months ago, and she came across one of my manuscripts. She read it, and insisted I try getting it published. Thanks to her, I'm proud to now officially announce that a local publisher has agreed to print several of my books. For those interested in purchasing a copy, please visit my new website. Thanks for the help in setting that up Curt.

It's essentially Christian fiction with an LDS twist. You'll notice a few family experiences that I have woven into each story. Here are a few examples.

A Test of Faith -- This is a story about how a local scoundrel broke the arm of a sweet 11-year old Providence resident.
A Bride So Fair -- Can you say Miss Franklin County?
Fair Game -- A story of a young boy's struggle to make his rocket fly. Think October Sky but Mormon.
Ticket to Remember -- A local boy band sensation gets his chance to punch his ticket to stardom.
Home for Christmas -- Christmas excitement as can only be seen through the eyes of a child.
Dog Days -- An Atlanta couple find out how much they miss their family and friends back home.
A Stitch in Time -- The Constitution hangs by a thread, and democracy as we know it becomes a think of the past.

Anyhow, thanks for all of your support throughout this new chapter in my life. It means so much to me. And don't forget to check out my new Facebook and Twitter pages.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Michelle invited me to do this, so I guess it's a good excuse to try blogging again.

5 Joys

-Almond Joy
-Joy to the World
-Jackie Joyner-Kersee
-Joy in the Journey
-Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea

5 Fears

-Falling prey to alcohol addiction again.
-People with peg legs.
-Dale not letting me vote in a credit union board election.
-One of my kids being kidnapped. Unless it was Nate.
-Landon really becoming a pirate.

5 Obsessions

-Cherry Coke
-Going to Motocross rallies
-Neal and I love the Grateful Dead
-Reading self-help books to give dating tips to Jon
-Getting discreet tattoos

5 Surprising Facts

-Until he was 2, I always dressed Curt in girl's clothes.
-Before I married Neal, I was a world champion barrel racer. We bought Charlie in hopes that I could pick up the sport again.
-Chad's two different colored eyes are a result of standing in front of the microwave too long while pregnant. Same thing happened to Splash.
-I was going to spell Caytee's name, "K-A-T-I-E," but I was on some pretty serious morphine after the birth. Oops.
-Crystal was really my first-born child.

5 People to Tag

-Hillary Clinton
-Elvis (he is SO still alive)
-Splash (also still alive)
-Charlie (dead, but still in my thoughts and prayers)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hey It's Just a Test

This morning I went for a stress test at the hospital. Here are some of the instructions.

Do not eat caffine for 24-hours. Okay, no problem, since when have I had to monitor caffine till at night you realize that you did in fact eat a Hersehey Chocolate bar. This test is doomed!

Wear loose fitting clothes. Do I own loose fitting clothes that I can wear outside my home?

No water or food after midnight. Why water? Well, I asked that question. They put this radioactive dye in your IV when you get there and then put you through a CT scan. I guess that is to show how your blood is moving through your heart (and possibly every place else). Then they put these probes on your chest, ask your bra size and a lot of other questions and then say "step up lady, you are going for a high tech walk/jog!". (Yes, I did ask why they wanted to know my bra size.) At the top speed of your upward jog, they give you some more dye. I guess, from how they explained it, all that dye heads to your heart instead of your stomach had you eaten or had water. So, all I could figure out is this dye wants in on the action and find where great amounts of energy are being extended.

No blood pressure medicine for two days. Well, if it wasn't high before, it is now.

Let them know 24 hours ahead of time if you can't make this appointment. I dreaded this appointment. How to get out of it.

Well, back to the CT scan. Another 15 minutes of not moving, sneezing, twiching, nose scratching, hiccuping, gaging, just plain hold your hands above your head and freeze. You may have intermitent breathing but to a bare minimum.

So, for all you who would like to spend a good part of your morning trying to find visitors parking and then the radioloy area which is hidden quite well and then pay big bucks to run again, may I suggest getting a stress test.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mom is back in

Caytee has taught me how to update my blog I am making a commitment to be more up-to-date on my blog. I love you all!

---written by Caytee for Mom

Monday, October 15, 2007

Thursday, July 26, 2007

What's Challenging to Carol....Blogging

4 Jobs I Have Held:

1. Poppin' Pin Bowling Alley - Waitress
2. Arctic Circle - Outdoor Waitress
3. Montgomery Ward (San Jose, CA) - Credit Payments Processor
4. Sears - Accounts Receivable, Phone Lady

4 Movies I can Watch Over and Over:
1. Sabrina
2. You've Got Mail
3. Pride & Prejudice (A&E version)
4. It's a Wonderful Life

4 Places I have Lived:
1. Western Samoa
2. Oak Brook, IL
3. San Jose, CA
4. Preston, ID

4 TV Shows I enjoy:
1. Perry Mason
2. Simply Quilt
3. House Hunters
4. Designed to Sell

4 Places I have Been on Vacation:
1. Mexican Riviera (Cabos)
2. Nauvoo
3. Disneyland
4. Florida

4 of My Favorite Dishes/Restaurants:
1. Sweet and Sour (Chicken/Pork)
2. Raspberries
3. Creamed peas and potatoes from my dad's garden
4. Chinese Restaurants

4 Websites I visit Daily: (Occasionally)
1. The Company Store (clearance items)
2. everyone's blogs
3. my email

4 Places I Would Rather Be Right Now:
1. relaxing on a warm beach
2. up at the cabin reading a good book
3. a musical
4. BYU Education Week

4 People I would Challenge to do This:
1. Caytee
2. Shelley
3. Marian
4. Mom

Sunday, May 6, 2007

This is my handsome husband, Neal. He is a wonderful grandfather! He is holding our grandson Colby. This is probably what heaven is like-time to sit on the beach and enjoy your children and grandchildren. We have eight grandchildren-Natalie, Preston, Logan, Brady, Colby, Landon, Carson and Julia.